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Connections to Contact

with Maga Radlowska.

This project explores the rich possibilities of a vibrant shared language between the movement practices of Bartenieff Fundamentals and Contact Improvisation with a belief that this may offer a unique platform for dancers to develop their own movement vocabulary and awareness of the moving-sensing-body-environment.

Photo |  Helen Kindred | 2017

Photo | Pete Gomes

Photo |  Brian Kavanagh | 2017
Improvisation for music, dance and film
A cross-disciplinary international ensemble emerging from collective interests in sharing languages and landscapes of sound, gesture and moving image.
Three short etudes -
 Play I
 Play II
 Play III
Artists - Benjamin Dwyer, Pete Gomes, Helen Kindred, Lucas Niggli, Maga Radlowska and Nick Roth.
Embodied Practices responds to the individual and collective work of Adesola Akinleye and Helen Kindred. It captures their shared interest in somatic approaches to being through moving, narrative inquiry and choreography as research methodology. The blog highlights projects and research through their practice in this field in the form of choreographic expositions, reflective writing and film.
Embodied Practices Blog
DancingStrong Movement Lab
Photo | DancingStrong
Photo | Pete Gomes | 2015

TIN (TransDisciplinary Improvisation Network)

an International research group for improvisation based at Middlesex University

What's in a Name?  

A two-day symposium presented by TIN

Middlesex University, Oct 23 & Oct 24, 2015

TIN Salons I

Middlesex University, July 6, 2016

TIN Salons II

Liverpool Hope University, March 7, 2017