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DancingStrong Movement Lab.

Navigations | Adesola Akinleye

Surrendered | Helen Kindred

chasing stillness...

in motion

stillness in the city

surrendered to the shore

bringing together communities in the environments of the city and of the coast

Photo | Cheniece Warner | ...whispers |2019

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Connections to Contact

with Maga Judd.

This project explores the rich possibilities of a vibrant shared language between the movement practices of Bartenieff Fundamentals and Contact Improvisation with a belief that this may offer a unique platform for dancers to develop their own movement vocabulary and awareness of the moving-sensing-body-environment.

Photo | Cheniece Warner | 2020

Photo |  Brian Kavanagh | 2017
Improvisation for music, dance and film
A cross-disciplinary international ensemble emerging from collective interests in sharing languages and landscapes of sound, gesture and moving image.
Three short etudes -
 Play I
 Play II
 Play III
Artists - Benjamin Dwyer, Pete Gomes, Helen Kindred, Lucas Niggli, Maga Judd and Nick Roth.

TIN (TransDisciplinary Improvisation Network)

an International research group for improvisation based at Middlesex University

What's in a Name?  

A two-day symposium presented by TIN

Middlesex University, Oct 23 & Oct 24, 2015

TIN Salons I

Middlesex University, July 6, 2016

TIN Salons II

Liverpool Hope University, March 7, 2017

Photo | Pete Gomes | 2015