Kindred & Judd Collective

 A duet conceived through the journeys of motherhood between two women. In a dialogue between movement, music and spoken word the performers reveal the vulnerability of their realities in the light of the ever-present perceived reality of social media. Through sound and gesture, humour and narrative their stories are explored and unpacked. aGender opens questions of how the social and cultural aspects of our lives shape our bodies, how our bodies are our lives, grounded in beauty, swimming through vulnerability.


Jan 29, 2020 - The Place, London

aGender | Maga Judd & Helen Kindred | 2020 | Photo | Cheniece Warner


dancing the in-between-ness

Nov 5th 2019, Middlesex University London

This evening presents the three works of Helen's doctoral research 2015-2019.

espacement - solo work for film with Mikkel Svak

KnowingUnknowing - part I improvisation for music and dance a collaboration with Benjamin Dwyer

...whispers - an installation of encounters through movement, film, sound and text with Adesola Akinleye, Charlie Ford , Tom Kirkpatrick and Dominique Rivoal

...whispers (a performance installation) | 2019 | Photo | Cheniece Warner

espace 1_edited.jpg


a solo improvisation for film with Mikkel Svak

a process...a meditation...a beginning


Nov 2, 2019 - a movement meditation, Queering the Somatic, London

Nov 5, 2019 - Installation / PhD presentation, London

espacement |still from filming | Mikkel Svak | 2019

whispers banner BW.jpg

...whispers \ 2018 | Photo | Dominique Rivoal

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 21.48.39.png

KnowingUnknowing | still from Film | Pete Gomes | 2016


KnowingUnknowing 2019 | Photo | Cheniece Warner

...whispers (solo)

A performance installation exploring the narratives of the body in relation to text, touch and through an interpretation of real and imagined spaces. Through live performance, film and projected image (in collaboration with Dominique Rivoal), whispers responds to interruptions of the body-space through improvised performance encounters. The work questions the body-self's relationship to ever shifting environments, moving in the between-ness of past and present, leaning on and letting go.


Feb 24, 2018 - Narrating the Somatic Symposium, London

Apr 12, 2019 - ADiE Per/Forming Futures Symposium, London

Nov 5, 2019 - Film Installation / PhD presentation, London

KnowingUnknowing is an improvised dance and music performance project in triptych form. Inspired by texts by Samuel Beckett and Ted Hughes, the work was initially created and performed by dancer Helen Kindred and guitarist Benjamin Dwyer in 2015. These conversations through improvised performance extended to improvised camera in collaboration with filmmaker Pete Gomes in 2016.


The project explores the liminal spaces between the body and the space it occupies, between the conscious and the unconscious, between movement and stillness, sound and silence, sight and gesture. Through improvised music that responds to movement, through improvised movement that emerges from sound, KnowingUnknowing asks questions about our relationship to ourselves, others and the spaces we occupy. And because it unfolds in the very moment of conception, the work inquires how our lived experiences can be recognised, explored and perhaps validated through sounds and gestures both vulnerable and searching. 


Oct 23, 2015 - InsideOut Festival, London

July 6, 2016 - TIN Salons, Middlesex University London

Aug 19, 2016 - Wright-ing the Somatic Symposium, London

Nov 27, 2016 - 4th International Dance Festival, Poland

Aug 7, 2017 - Estancias Coreograficas, Oviedo, Spain

Jan 17, 2019 - CD/DVD Launch, London

Jan 25, 2019 - CD/DVD Launch, Dublin

Nov 5, 2019 - PhD presentation, London