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after the storm | 2023 | Photo | Brian Slater


after the storm...

And after the storm

I went down to the basement

And everything was floating

Lots of my old keyboards

Thirty projectors Props from old performances

A fibreglass window

A motorcycle Countless papers

And books

And I looked at them floating there in the shiny dark water

Dissolving All the things I’d carefully saved all my life Becoming nothing

But junk

And I thought

How beautiful

How magic

How Catastrophic

Laurie Anderson

co-choreographed with Siân Hopkins with MDX dancers.

Rehearsal direction, Maga Judd with Nadia Brayley

Lighting and set design Mikkel Svak

Costume Aylin Altinelli


December 10-12, 2023, Grove Theatre, London

FEMALE traces

performance with Sandra Sok

“…female journeys, waiting, bodily traces, patterns, dancing ground, spaciousness, body-space-environment, undulations, reflections, ritual, observation, boundaries, breath in our cells, softening, transformation, gathering, passion, place, wildness, re-wilding, dramatic felt, making connection, gathering, listening, possibility, flow, nurturing body, bodies of water, sensation, pulsation, belonging, shifting landscapes, inhale-exhale, events of the sea, waves, leaves (no) trace, human non-human, eco-feminism, dance as feminist language, journey of layering, women support, dancing goddess, speculative realism, visible-invisible, interconnectivity, trans-corporeality …”


FEMALE traces performance works with improvised scores to reveal and nurture expression of the body through environments, and offers a renewed approach to performance-making using LBMS.


Performances takes place live and online (via zoom)

April 12 2023 East 15 Acting School, Essex

August 6 2023 Performing Picnic PARK Festival, Karlovac, Croatia

FEMALE traces | 2022 | Photo | Sandra Sok










an environment of movement, sound, light and image created in collaboration with Mikkel Svak and Cheniece Warner, with graduating dancers at Middlesex University.


May 11-13, 2022 - New Horizons Festival, London

Nov 10, 2022 - Masterclass 'On Collaboration' in conversation with Mikkel Svak, Middlesex University London

waves | 2022 | Photo | Cheniece Warner



Kindred & Judd Collective

 A duet conceived through the journeys of motherhood between two women. In a dialogue between movement, music and spoken word the performers reveal the vulnerability of their realities in the light of the ever-present perceived reality of social media. Through sound and gesture, humour and narrative their stories are explored and unpacked. aGender opens questions of how the social and cultural aspects of our lives shape our bodies, how our bodies are our lives, grounded in beauty, swimming through vulnerability.


Jan 29, 2020 - The Place, London

aGender | Maga Judd & Helen Kindred | 2020 | Photo | Cheniece Warner



an improvisation of movement, sound, text and light. ...whispers explores three scores developed from research;



(in)direct space

dancers move within and between these scores, within and between sound and text navigating a journey of loss and belonging.


Nov 5, 2019 - Installation / PhD presentation, London

Oct 16, 2020 - site-performance, Whitstable, Kent

...whispers | Adesola Akinleye and Charlie Ford | 2019 | Photo | Cheniece Warner

espace 1_edited.jpg

espacement |still from filming | Mikkel Svak | 2019

whispers banner BW.jpg

...whispers \ 2018 | Photo | Dominique Rivoal


a solo improvisation for film with Mikkel Svak

a process...a meditation...a beginning


Nov 2, 2019 - a movement meditation, Queering the Somatic, London

Nov 5, 2019 - Installation / PhD presentation, London

(in the stillness of) whispers

A solo performance installation exploring narratives of the body in relation to text, touch and through an interpretation of real and imagined spaces. Through film (in collaboration with Dominique Rivoal), (in the stillness of) whispers responds to interruptions of the body-space through improvised performance. The work questions the body-self's relationship to ever shifting environments, moving in the between-ness of past and present.


Feb 24, 2018 - Narrating the Somatic Symposium, London

Apr 12, 2019 - ADiE Per/Forming Futures Symposium, London

Nov 5, 2019 - Film Installation / PhD presentation, London

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